OUR CLASSES  We believe that your child's happiness and their physical and emotional wellbeing should be considered above all else  and we know that ‘glitzy costumes and tricks’ will never be as important as your child’s wellbeing, so rest assured that they (and their feet!) will be safe in our hands…! 

Classes for 3-5 years 

 Mini Movers & Tiny Dancers 

The very first steps in your little one’s dancing journey and in both classes we incorporate a wonderfully new and refreshing syllabus; ‘Groove Child’ which embraces a child’s need to learn through play which helps them unleash their creative expression whilst nurturing their wellbeing. We use a vast range of props and musical instruments so it’s always fun and has lots of healthy noise too! 
Classes for 5 years and up 

 R.A.D. Ballet 

Grades: Pre-Primary, Primary, Grade 1 to Grade 8 
We strongly believe that classical ballet is the foundation for all other genres of dance and this is why we teach the Royal Academy of Dance ballet syllabus from Pre-Primary right through to Grade 8.  
Dame Darcey Bussell is a former principal of the Royal Ballet and has been the president of the Royal Academy since 2012 and ALL certificates awarded carry her signature, which validates its level of achievement. 
It is a lovely ballet syllabus that focuses on technique, it is lovely to teach and it is accompanied by some truly wonderful music too. 

 BTDA Modern Jazz & BTDA Tap 

Grades: Preparatory, Primary, Grade 1 to Grade 5 
Modern Jazz is very popular and it has its emphasis on energetic movement, self-expression and response to rhythm and requires as athleticism and high levels of co-ordination and stamina.  
Tap is another very popular form of dance and it is ideal for developing rhythm and timing in all ages. Tap dancing focuses on developing strength in the feet, ankles and thighs and is also good for improving balance. 
Vocational Exams: Intermediate and Advance Foundation. We cover both of these subjects in all our Thursday Grade Classes with all our 5’s and over. 

Beginners Pointe Class 

Getting into pointe shoes and getting up in them, is a major goal in a ballerina’s dance life.  
We hold an open class for our Grade Three R.A.D. students, and it focuses on ankle strengthening, core strength and balance. The class incorporates the use of resitance bands and exercise balls to assist building up strong technique. 

Advanced Pointe Class 

For those students more established on Pointe, the Advanced Pointe Class is for grade four R.A.D. upwards and focuses even more on strength, technique and balance.  
This class incorporates the use of resitance bands and exercise balls to assist building up strong technique. 

Street Dance 

Extremely popular classes that are high energy and stylised, these urban style classes are designed to develop co-ordination, introduce technique and build confidence in a relaxed friendly and fun environment.  
Students learn street dance routines to the latest tracks, incorporating popping, locking, funk, jamming and hip hop. 

Hip Hop Heels 

Learning to dance correctly in heeled dance shoes is extremely important and this class is aimed at our over 14's who have already danced in New Yorkers and wish to progress to be able to confidently and safely dance in stiletto heels.  
Each routine performed to music is taught in small sections thereby enabling the student to ensure that their core is correct at all times as well as developing strong technique. 

Acrobatics & Tumbling 

Commonly referred to as Acro, these classes are a type of gymnastics but more of a beautiful fusion of classic dance technique and the precision and athleticism of acrobatic elements. 
Acro includes balancing, limbering and partnering based on flexibility, contortion and strength and we are very fortunate to have not one but two Tumble Tracks that can also be fixed together to maximise tumbling space to enable our students to gain greater distance and height. 

Musical Theatre 

The complete 'Triple Threat' This class offers the chance to enjoy music, dance and drama with the focus being on fun for all. 
Drama games, expressive animation, singing, acting, monologues, plays, musicals and so much more! 

Adult Tap Classes -  Beginners/Improvers and Advanced 

Want to keep fit, learn something new, meet people and have a giggle? 
Our classes are open to adults of all ages so whether you've never put on a pair of tap shoes or you haven't for many years then one of these classes will be perfect for you! 

'BALLETBUMS’ ® - Ballet but not as you know it! 

Come along, join in and have some fun, get fit and make some lovely new friends along the way. BalletBums Tone is a tone and stretch class which is based on very simple ballet techniques and exercises and is suitable for all levels. This class will help improve muscle tone, flexibility and posture. 

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All dates are inclusive 
Summer Term 1:  
Wednesday 14th April – Thursday 27th May 
Summer Term 2:  
Wednesday 9th June – Thursday 8th July 
Autumn Term 1:  
Wednesday 1st September - Thursday 14th October 
Autumn Term 2: 
Wednesday 27th October - Saturday 18th December 
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